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Engineering Schools in California |

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The state of California is very devoted to engineering, as it has three of its graduate schools named in the Top Five Best Grad Schools in the U.S. according to U.S. News and World Report. Because of this the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics places California in the top five for agricultural engineers , chemical engineers and mechanical engineers , with aerospace...

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Engineering Schools in Vermont |

Vermont is one of the six New England states and the only New England state not bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Vermont is the first state to join the United States after the end of the Revolutionary War, becoming the fourteenth state after existing as an independent republic.

Vermont is known for having a small French-speaking population, due to the historical and geographic connections to Quebec,...

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Chemical Engineering Schools in California ...

If you're an aspiring chemical engineering student, California may be the perfect state for you! There are 13 schools with this educational program, and all 13 schools have Bachelor's-level and Master's-level programs. In addition, 11 of these schools have PhD programs. The average cost of tuition in California is $15,600 per year.

A lucrative and rewarding career in chemical engineering begins...

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Engineering Schools in Montana |

Engineering Education in Montana

Students who wish to study engineering in Montana will find that there are eight accredited institutions, which offer engineering programs. Of the eight schools, three are tribal, and one is a private, non-profit college. Students may earn an engineering certificate, Associate's degree, Bachelors degree, Masters degree, and/or a PhD in Engineering, depending on the offerings at each of the eight institutions.

The National Society of Professional Engineers offers scholarships to engineering students across the...

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Mechanical Engineering Schools in California ...

As a California student, you can choose between 40 schools with mechanical engineering programs. Ten schools have Associate's programs and 30 schools offer Bachelor's-level education. There are 29 Master's degree programs and 23 doctoral programs. The average cost of tuition for residents is about $3000 per semester, and the average tuition cost for non-residents is about $7,500.

An Associate's...

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Engineering Schools in New Jersey |

This includes Rutgers University in New Brunswick, which is the public research university of New Jersey, and schools like the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Kean University, Rowan University, and the College of New Jersey.

New Jersey also is the home to four private universities with engineering programs, like the Ivy League school Princeton University, Monmouth University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and the Stevens Institute of Technology. Eight New Jersey schools offer...

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Mechanical Engineering Schools in Connecticut ...

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As a prospective mechanical engineer in Connecticut, you have eleven schools that you can choose from. The average cost of tuition for residents is $9256 per semester. If you are a non-resident, the average tuition cost is $28,200 per semester. There are six schools with Associate's-level programs, ten Bachelor's degree programs, nine Master's degree programs, and eight...

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Civil Engineering Schools in Virginia |

Getting into engineering school requires a strong report card in math and science along with successful completion of courses in English, social studies and computers.

A bachelor's in engineering is needed for all entry-level engineering jobs while college graduates with a degree in science or mathematics may be eligible for some job openings.

In addition to the curriculum, an engineer should...

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