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Housing Assistance Scholarships & Grants for College

College Housing Grants

Paying for college can make even the most optimistic person feel overwhelmed. In addition to tuition, books and fees continue to rise. If that's not enough, many students choose to live on campus. While many scholarships, loans and grants cover the costs of the actual education, there are still living expenses that need to be financed as well.

Campus housing comes in two...

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Free Grants for Cosmetology School - College Grants

Cosmetology Grants

Current and prospective cosmetology and beauty school students seek scholarship opportunities to defray the cost of receiving education, training and on the job experience in this field. Professional associations and organizations as well as corporations and other entities offer scholarships directly to individual students as well as through beauty and cosmetology school...

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College Grants for Native Americans & Educational Native ...

Native American Grants & Scholarships

If you are interested in attending college and are Native American, there are quite a few options available to assist you in paying your tuition.

Many people are not aware that the scholarships available to Native Americans who meet the criteria are abundant. Many of the scholarships do call for applicants to be no less than 1/4 Native American. What this...

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